Mobile Gym Tech, LLC is a company that caters to the service needs of exercise and performance equipment owners for both businesses and consumers alike. Mobile Gym Tech is a dynamic, innovative company that handles every aspect of functional fitness equipment. We do everything from providing preventative maintenance and repairs,  to custom gym/garage builds, to complete relocation of fitness facilities, to sales.

Mobile Gym Tech is in the business of customer service and we plan on providing the best services in California. Our mission is to offer the number one preventative maintenance of functional  fitness equipment, performance equipment and sterilization of all facilities equipment in California. Our philosophy is that of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Everyone has had experiences with sub-par service as well as exceptional service. It is important to us that our clients are completely satisfied with our service and that not only do they become longtime clients but as representatives of our commitment to excellence.

Services provided

General Maintenance on Concept 2 Rowers

Blow out and wipe down unit

Clean and lubricate chain,Check for stiff links 

Check batteries 

Check shock cord 

Check all critical screws an bolts 

Check monitor arm and display bolts 

Clean seat rollers and track 

Record and log any abnormalities or areas of concern

Record and log rower usage (per visit)

Remove, clean, and lubricate flywheel every 1 million meters (extra $15 surcharge applies)

General Maintenance on Bikes

Blow out and wipe down unit

Tighten all bolts 

Check handle bar pivot nuts 

Check front linkage bearing 

Check chain tension and adjust as necessary 

Clean and lubricate chain 

Clean and lubricate all wear points 

Adjust feet to level and tighten

Check bottom bracket for tightness 

record and log any abnormalities or areas of concern

General Maintenance on Runners

 Blow out and wipe down unit 

Check monitors 

Check belt 

Check & tighten all bolts

Move and vacuum underneath  

Clean handrail, front display panel & covers 

Lubricate all belt bearings

Check all wire connections

Check battery (if applicable)


Maintenance on Barbells

Remove all inner hardware

Remove sleeve

Clean all hardware

Remove all old lubricant and dirt




Product Repairs

Broken Product?? No need to worry. We repair all of the products we service. Please contact us for pricing.

*Coming Soon*

Custom garage gym builds 

Custom Facility Builds 

Event Product Rentals

Online Product/Part Sales

Video Tutorials

Price List

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